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Intuitive Tarot 

Guidance for Modern Life

I've been reading tarot since age 12, but as an adult, I've deepened my studies and practice of this intuitive art.


I believe tarot is a way to tap in to our own deepest wisdom, and that of a loving universe that is actively working to bring us home to ourselves and to walk the path meant for us. I am welcoming and inclusive of all faiths and creeds (including lack thereof). 


My approach to readings is supportive, encouraging, and accessible. I do not predict the future, nor do I read minds. My reading style offers a mix of self-development, new perspectives, and practical advice.


I offer pre-recorded private readings at pay-what-you-can rates.

Suggested Donation: $5-30

How does that translate to a tarot business?

$5 keep me in lattes

$10 buys five spell candles

$15 buys a new tarot study guide

$30 buys a new tarot deck


See below for a sample reading

Readings are done according to my schedule, usually within 5 five days. You will be contacted with an update on when your reading will take place. You do not have to present or "online" during the reading, but I always want you to be aware when I will be tapping into your energy (it's a matter of ethics).


The spread includes 3-5 cards, although I we'll throw down as many as we need for full clarity. I answer specific questions, look into a certain life area (like career or relationships), or perform general readings. Written readings will include a photo of your cards in the spread.

*If you are not on social media, please contact me via email at janielyoung@gmail.com

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Clair.Audio is my professional account for both tarot readings and narration. The handle refers to clairaudience, my primary intuitive gift, and audiobook narration. 


Returning to work, woohoo! First, it looks like you have some anxiety about this prospect. And who wouldn't? 


I'm not sure from your question if you're talking about returning to in-person work after wfh, or if you mean returning to the workforce after a jobless period, but either way things feel rusty. I feel like it's the former..and that perhaps your workplace culture is one of those where people avoid full authenticity. I.e we're all going to pretend things are awesome regardless of how we actually feel. Another possibility: the culture is fine but you personally don't trust these people with your inner reality. 


With wheel and death, I would be on the alert that significant changes could be afoot. Maybe some people leave, or you have a new manager, or (God forbid) you get new responsibilities but not a new title or raise. Don't take anything that may happen personally. But at the same time, don't take it lying down if you're not cool with it.


There's a real solitary vibe here. I think this time in the world is hard as hell. We all feel alone despite going through basically the exact same thing, in one form or fashion. If you're trying to get a new job, network network network! Leveraging connections and name dropping is smart, not cheating. And you can have total faith in your own skills. 


I know you're a reader too so you see the significance of only one Pent and three Swords. But with two majors, it's not all in your head. Or maybe it's more accurate to say, what's in your head is as real, in its own way, as anything else. 


Bottom line advice: be ready to roll with the punches, don't get too in your head, control only what you can and know that anyone who says they're 100% fine with this time of transition is a liar or a robot. Reach out to a friend going through a similar sitch if you have to. You got this!!!